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We scale organisations, people and causes.
We are systemic change agents.


The Social Change Agency was setup in 2013 by Esther Foreman. She founded it on systemic principles and a belief that you need to build collaborations between organisations and individuals, to address the complex realities found within our society. We work across all sectors of society, using an associate structure of talent and an asset based network to amplify our social impact.


Social Growth Hacking and Movement Building

Innovation & Strategy

Training and Facilitation

Executive coaching, Network Facilitation and Leadership Development

Live Projects & Joint Adventures

Growth Acceleration

"Their ability to get to the heart of the matter meant that, when we had little time to step back and take stock, they helped us to clarify our thinking and set practical priorities.”

Chloe Hardy, Head of Campaigns National Housing Federation - www.yestohomes.co.uk



"The Social Change Agency provided skilful mentorship to our 10 socially focused start-ups while being a valuable contributor to the wider Wayra programme...Esther is a brilliant team player, hyper-connected and fantastically passionate and credible about Social Entrepreneurialism”
Tom Chant, Head of Wayra UK



We know that creating social impact is a complex process. We use systems thinking as the basis of our methodology, believing that if you want to address complexity, systemic change is a more powerful process for long term impact. When we work systemically, we map out the system, all of its component parts and all the seen and unseen aspects of it, even before we start to think about the next steps. We know that the smallest individual action can result in a big systems change and we understand how to achieve both. We all have a part to play in achieving this which is why we consider individuals as important parts of systems.

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"Working with the Social Change Agency has delivered a step change in our understanding of the power of building a student movement to help grow our business to drive student innovation."
Jonathan May, Founder and CEO, hubbub - www.hubbub.net



We make sure the things we do are genuine and in line with the approaches we believe in.


We seek to work with others, wherever possible, not just because it’s more fun, but because deep-seated change requires networks, allies and fresh thinking with others.

Reciprocity & Co-creation

We genuinely seek to co-create a better world with other partners, preferring relationships rather than transactions.

Elegance & Dynamism

We approach our work with the dignity, artfulness and fun it deserves, putting people at the centre of design, but always with the high energy needed to bring forth ideas to motivate and inspire others to create change.


We operate as whole beings. We don’t separate between formal and informal, hierarchic and functional, charity and business and we definitely don’t leave ourselves behind when we come to work.


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House Party

Popse Report

"Having met and worked with a wide variety of people in the social enterprise sector, SCA stands out by a mile. They know how to get stuff done and have a firm understanding of the business case in question.”

Tom Hooper- CEO of Third Space Learning - www.thirdspacelearning.com


Esther Foreman

After a long career directing award-winning campaigns in the social sector Esther set up the Social Change Agency believing effective social change can only be achieved if people work and grow together. Esther is a 2011 Clore Fellow, Winston Churchill Fellow 2012 and a SSE Fellow, 2013. She is a Trustee of the National MS Society and a Non-Executive Director of IVO. @estherforeman

Danielle Beck

Danielle’s passion is people and takes a human centred approach to her work. She’s an expert in engagement and leadership development. She specialises in strategic planning, employee engagement and talent management, believing that understanding the individuals involved in any project is paramount to its success. Danielle has worked for public, private and 3rd sector organisations bringing in new innovative models, thinking into their processes and developing collaborative programmes of social innovation. @dan_beckster

Jim Coe, Campaigning & Advocacy

Jim Coe specialises in providing strategy and evaluation support to organisations engaged in campaigning, advocacy and social change. Prior to going freelance, Jim worked in Oxfam’s campaigning programme, responsible for devising and applying a coherent and effective strategic approach across Oxfam’s campaigns programme.

Claudia Elliot

Claudia is passionate and experienced in managing and implementing strategies spanning stakeholder engagement, corporate communications and branding, and campaigning and movement building. She has raised organisational profiles, shaped public debate, built coalitions, and realised tangible results in government policy and within communities.

Jasmine Paradine-James

Jasmine is a graphic designer who believes design should be meaningful, useful and led by the people the end-product effects. She takes a human-centred approach to projects, spending time with the user or client, getting to the heart of the problem, and using design to support positive social change. She also designed this website!

Jonathan May

Jonathan holds a first class degree in Computer Science from King’s College, Cambridge. His passion is seeing young people, organisations and businesses succeed. In 2011 he founded the hubbub network, which builds fundraising movements for the education sector, providing crowdfunding and social media technology and services to many of the UK’s leading educational institutions.